About Us

Vanguard Home Inspections is a family and minority owned company operating out of Lumberton, NJ. Owner/Operator Damian Gil brings 15 years of experience, performing a wide variety of inspections.

Damian has developed his expertise exploring many facets of real estate. Over the years, performing municipal inspections to ensure local, county, and state compliance, consulting private developers, reviewing projects for federal compliance, Damian has cultivated a keen eye for understanding the unique conditions that can go into buying a home. Damian has worked for several municipalities as an enforcement officer and for private development firms as a private consult and expediter.

In his spare time, Damian likes the outdoors, specifically mountain biking and hiking. Many of his activities now revolve around his young children and he enjoys spending time with them.
As a young family man, Damian understands the importance of making the right choice when purchasing a home. We understand that no home is without flaw, but the "perfect" home is waiting just around the corner.

We strive to bring you excellent customer service at competitive prices. We use all the tools in our bag to ensure you have all the information you need to proceed with confidence.

We lead the way.