Make Sure Your House Is Safe From Radon

Protect your family with radon testing in Lumberton, NJ

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that's linked to lung cancer. Since people can't see or smell it, the only way to make sure your house doesn't have unsafe levels of radon is to arrange for radon testing.

Vanguard Home Inspections can perform a radon inspection for your house in Lumberton, NJ. Our specialist will take samples with equipment designed specifically for radon detection. We'll have the samples analyzed by a lab so you can get accurate, reliable results.

Schedule a radon inspection in Lumberton, New Jersey by calling us today.

What to do if your radon levels are unsafe

What to do if your radon levels are unsafe

Radon naturally occurs in the soil and can contaminate your air and water. If radon testing shows you have an unhealthy amount of radon in your home, we can recommend treatment options. Effective removal will depend on where the radon is, but can include steps like...

  • Ventilating your home to remove the gas
  • Installing a pressure system to prevent contamination
  • Filtering your water supply to keep it clean

Our specialist will explain the problem and advise you on the most effective options for protecting your home. Call us at 732-668-7072 for radon testing in Lumberton, NJ.