Don't Let Sewage Issues Take You By Surprise

Take advantage of a sewer scope inspection in Lumberton, NJ

Problems with your sewer systems aren't just unpleasant, they're also expensive. If you're buying a new house, make sure you won't end up tearing up your yard to perform repairs by scheduling a sewer scope inspection.

Vanguard Home Inspections will use a high-definition camera to look through your pipes directly. We'll examine your sewer line to find...

  • Blockages
  • Damaged piping
  • Collapsed lines

We'll give you an accurate assessment of the sewer line's condition. You'll have peace of mind knowing the condition of the sewage system before you buy.

Call us today for a sewer scope inspection in Lumberton, NJ.

Is there an abandoned tank in your yard?

Is there an abandoned tank in your yard?

Old sewage and oil tanks are often simply disconnected and left in the ground. If they weren't properly cleaned, their contents can leak into your soil and become a contaminant. Our inspector can perform a tank sweep of your property to find any abandoned tank. We'll use a powerful magnetic device to detect the presence of any metal object.

Our equipment is more powerful than hobbyist metal detectors, and we have the skills and knowledge to determine if a positive reading might be an abandoned tank.

Get peace of mind when you call us at 732-668-7072 to arrange for a tank sweep.